Garland on the staircase

If you are lucky enough to have a home with a banister, don't miss an opportunity to add holiday garland to it. Evergreen garland is gorgeous, but there are other festive options including pepperberry, magnolia leaves, eucalyptus, ribbon, and even paper. I love the beautiful red berry wreaths in this photo and may use that as inspiration. Last year, I found antique sock forms and hung them on my banister from red satin ribbon to look like stockings!

Photos from Etsy, Martha Stewart


WSJ article-London

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article by writer/designer Rita Konig that profiled some of London's best antique shops. I've included a link below to the article, don't forget to look at the slideshow of pictures. If you're like me, you'll want to grab your Hunter wellies (British royal green, of course) and Burberry trench for a quick trip to London after reading this article.

Click here for a link to Rita's great article.

Photos from the WSJ


Silver Christmas Trees

While I prefer to have at least one live evergreen tree decorated for Christmas, there are plenty of faux options. My favorites are vintage aluminum trees, particularly those silver in color, popular in the 1960's. Ebay, estate sales and antique shops are good places to find these trees and most are reasonably priced between $25-$175. Feather trees are another popular faux choice and come in a variety of colors. I especially like white for something a little different.

Photos via Chicago Home, MSL, and Country Living


Christmas Trees

There's nothing I adore more this time of year than decorating my Christmas tree. I was distracted by a wallpaper project this weekend (pictures to come) and still have yet to get my tree 'dressed' for the holidays. TONIGHT is the night! Here are some classic trees, email me your pictures to share.

Photos from Martha Stewart and Country Living