Modern Upholstery

While searching the Internet and a stack full of magazines, I came across this great apartment in Elle Decor. How fabulous is that upholstery! Such a contemporary look for chairs that are probably 80+ years old. Love, love, love.


Vintage Fixtures are Chic...and so is Kelly

I just adore this photo of Kelly Wearstler from her blog, my vibe my life. Shopping for gorgeous vintage light fixtures in a pink sweater and heels? This is nothing short of fabulous...

Enjoy the weekend, I hope there's sunshine where you are!

Photo from my vibe my


MARKETS: Southern California

If you find yourself in sunny Southern California this weekend or subsequent weekends in May, don't miss these antique markets. All three are terrific shows. Any suggestions on other antique shops or markets that are 'must-see' in SoCal?

SANTA MONICA-Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market ($4–$7; first and fourth Sunday of each month, next show is May 1st; 3050 Airport Ave.;

PASADENA-The Rose Bowl Flea Market ($8–$20; 5–4:30 on second Sun of each month, next show is May 8th; 1001 Rose Bowl Dr.; is host to 2,500 vendors...and great for celebrity watching!

LONG BEACH-Long Beach Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market ($5–$10; 5:30–3 on third Sun of each month, next show is May 15th; 5000 E. Lew Davis St.; and is home to 800 vendors.

Rose Bowl Flea Market and Santa Monica Pier

Viceroy Santa Monica
photos from Pinterest


Buy this House for $1

Every once in a while I like to share photos of a great 'antique' home that I've visited or read about. This weekend I was visiting my sister and picked up a copy of This Old House Magazine. Amy herself lives in an old house, a charming farmhouse built in the 1880's. If you haven't read the magazine, the last page showcases a home that needs 'saving'. This month, a Greek Revival-style house that pre-dates the Civil War is being sold for $1, but needs to be moved from it's present location outside Indianapolis. I can imagine this  place in a charming beach town with vintage bicycles in the drive next to a hedge of hydrangeas. The staircase alone  is makes me want to research the cost of moving a whole house. Anyone know?

Photos from This Old House Magazine


Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency-style is back in a big way. Made popular by designers in the 1930's, Hollywood Regency is defined by opulent fabrics (velvets, chenille), large and detailed furniture (tufted sofas), elaborate lighting, and pops of color. Antiques lend an authenticity to this style that's tough to replicate with reproductions or new pieces. Without some 'age', the extravagance of this style can quickly move from lovely to tacky. So look for an antique dresser or mid-century buffet table to lend some personality to your decor...anything goes with this design aesthetic!

This wallpaper and rug are wonderfully complimentary

Grey, white and yellow look fabulous together


DESIGN: Friday-New Jersey

I have a love affair with blue and brown. In fact, my whole house could be and may be completely decorated in varying shades of these two colors. Blue in the bathroom, a rich chocolate brown in the bedroom, soft tan in the foyer...add white trim and you have my whole color palette. This New Jersey home was featured in House Beautiful. Of course, I'm crazy about the color choices. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Love these antique pressed leaves...and the blue wallpaper, too!

Great clock and sidetable

Photos from House Beautiful

DESIGN: Friday-San Francisco

As previously mentioned, white furniture isn't practical for me because I have two lovable, yet furry, black Labradors. This San Francisco townhouse looks great in all white...but I'm assuming they don't have dogs like mine climbing on the furniture. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

What a great way to display/hang a coat!
Photos from Country Living


Dwell Studio Fabrics

I've long admired Dwell Studio for it's great designs and patterns. In collaboration with textile company Robert Allen, Dwell offers a terrific collection of fabrics for sale on their website ( I'm trying to decide between the following fabrics to re-upholster a Victorian settee that I picked up curbside in my neighborhood. Which do you like best? Be sure to check out the Dwell Studio website, too.

Love these yellow colors...

...especially paired with grey accent pillows.

My settee looks similar to this; time for a modern refresh!
Photos from Dwell Studio and Google


Antique Jewelry Tips from Elizabeth Taylor

OK, so these tips aren't really from Elizabeth Taylor, but are still very helpful. Currently, I'm reading Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century about their much-discussed Hollywood love affair. I highly recommend. Richard Burton showered Liz with lots of jewelry over the course of their relationship (including two marriages) and while you may not have the diamonds that Elizabeth Taylor does, you should still care for your pieces.

There are plenty of products specifically geared for cleaning antique jewelry. You need to make sure that the cleaner doesn’t contain ammonia, vinegar, or any other acids or alcohols. 

1) Don’t use soap and water, because most soaps will leave a residue on the metal and make the stones look dull. Windex can damage delicate stones and finishes. Vinegar is also harmful to the gemstones.

2) To get dust and dirt off of your antique jewelry, use the softest toothbrush that you can fine. Or use a very soft cloth to clean the surface of stones and gold or silver.

3) Thoroughly dry all of your jewelry after cleaning! Keep moisture away from stored jewelry also, because dampness is a culprit that encourages verdigris, rust, pitting of plated metals, and other damaging conditions.

4) If you wear it daily or often, clean your jewelry weekly. For pieces you pull out of the jewelry box and wear only once for special occasions, clean after you’ve worn them or just before you put them back into storage.

5) To avoid scratching your antique jewelry, keep it separated from other jewelry in a jewelry pouch.

Wishing you a very happy St. Valentine's Day!

Photos from Google Images


DESIGN:Friday-Vermont Farmhouse

Today, and going forward, I'll showcase the use of antiques in home design on DESIGN: Friday. The following photos from House Beautiful Magazine are of a farmhouse in southern Vermont. Doesn't this house look modern, comfortable and livable? Antiques add great character when mixed with modern furnishings.

I'm traveling next week and then headed to Mexico for a wedding; congratulations WH and MT! Look for photos and posts from sunny Puerto Vallerta. Until then, have a terrific weekend!

Photos from House Beautiful

GO: Woodstock, Vermont

On my travel 'wish-list' is Woodstock, Vermont and the fabulous Woodstock Inn. I've been told that summer is a fabulous time to visit, but I'd like to go during the snowy winter months to ski, snowshoe, and sit by a cozy fire. There's a great collection of antique shops in and around Woodstock, I've suggested a few below.

-Wilgren & Barlow Antiques: 29 Pleasant Street, Woodstock, 802.457.2453 Open Tuesday-Friday noon-5pm, Saturday 10a-5pm

-Ellaways Attic: 14 Central Street, Woodstock, 802.457.1066  Open daily 10a-5pm

-For more antique shops in Vermont, check the Vermont Antiques Dealers Website.

STAY: The Woodstock Inn
-Not to most economical choice, but certainly the most fabulous. If you don't want to break the bank, there are a host of bed-and-breakfast options in Woodstock to choose from (most fashioned with gorgeous antiques!). Check the Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce website for suggestions.

Photos from the Woodstock Inn


Yankee Magazine article

This is a Yankee Magazine article from 2008 that offers useful tips for collecting antiques. I agree with all these, but think the most important tip is number three: Buy what you love! I've bought lots of goodies over the years that weren't from "reputable antique dealers", but rather from estate sales or flee markets. As long as it's something you love and will enjoy seeing everyday, I say buy it!

1. Purchase from reputable dealers. Not only can you usually trust what you buy from them, but they can educate you about how to discern what's authentic.
2. Go to as many antiques shows as you can, and look, look, look. This is the best way to educate yourself.
3. Buy what you love.
4. Don't necessarily hold on to all your collections. That's part of the secret of avoiding clutter. A no-longer-loved item in your own home may make the perfect accent piece in the home of a friend.
5. Make sure you can see and display the things you love. If you have too much, many objects will wind up languishing in storage.
6. Move things around. You'll get a new appreciation for them. You get used to looking at things where they are, and after a while you no longer see them.
7. Be careful of color combinations when you display your antiques. Make sure things actually go together. It's okay to mix contemporary with old, though -- it can create a distinctive and refreshing effect.
8. Try not to scatter collection items throughout the house. They'll be more attractive and orderly looking if presented together.
9. Avoid cramming items together, though. Try to keep a clean look, letting your special items show themselves off while not overwhelming the eye.
10. Insure valuable items, listing them individually.

Stowe, Vermont
List and photo from Yankee


White Cabin and Vintage Ski Photos

This month's Country Living magazine showcases terrific examples of decorating with white. I continually find myself dreaming about white furniture and would love to have an all-white room in my house. My two black Labradors make that idea less than practical, however. But I'll continue to live vicariously through the many photos of pristine, dog hair-free, white rooms I see like the ones below. Also, if I lived in this cabin, wouldn't it be great to include a few vintage black-and-white ski photos? Lots of times these are found in antique malls among boxes of old photos; it's worth the effort to sort threw the lot to find a few treasures.

LOVE this photo! 

Great photo, check out for
other classic pictures and vintage ski wear

Skiing is still pretty glamorous, but we've lost a bit
when it comes to air travel, no?

Winter sporting good painted white; how clever!

Clean and Cozy

Great collection of white platters
Photos from, Country Living and Google


Vintage Ski Posters and Vermont Antiquing

Now that the holiday season is over, those of us living in cold climates stay entertained by the snowy weather and winter sports: skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, ice skating, hockey and drinking (insert alcoholic hot beverage here). I thought it might be fun to highlight antique sporting goods this month, so look for those posts in the coming weeks. And because Stowe is one of my favorite skiing spots, I'll note some favorite antique shops and markets in Vermont. Enjoy these vintage ski posters and click the below link to learn more about the poster market from Homes &

Photos from Homes & Antiques Magazine