Memorial Day 2010

Many of us celebrate Memorial Day by spending the day at a lake, beach, or pool with family and friends. While I don't have a lake cottage or beach house to decorate, if I did, the red-striped upholstered armchair in this photo would surely find it's way into my decorating scheme. Have a fantastic day and remember to give thanks for our men and women in uniform. Happy Summer!

Red, white and blue decor in this cottage...tres patriotic!
Photo from Coastal Living


Lake Michigan Beach House

There's a terrific story in Chicago Home Magazine this month about a Lake Michigan beach house that I encourage you to check-out online or in print. The owners of this home have perfected the art of incorporating antique furniture into modern design. These antiques are anything but old and stuffy and, paired with this gorgeous home, are my idea of vintage design perfection.

Vintage Eames chair

Hans Wenger table and chairs

Mid-century modern bench

Fin Juhl Chieftain chair
Photos from Chicago Home Magazine


Red Porch Swing and Geraniums

While still thinking about my weekend of gardening, I bought two gorgeous red geranium hanging baskets for my porch. I usually have ferns, but was inspired by a trip to The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island last summer to make a change. If you haven't been, this hotel in northern Michigan is really fabulous and has an amazingly long front porch lined with red geraniums. I'm not sure if it's the flowers I like or the memory of my vacation there, but either way they look great! The below photo is from Country Living magazine and loved the vintage red porch swing, probably from the 1940's or 50's, and how it looked with the geraniums. Now all I need is the porch swing... 

Photo from Country Living

Red Geraniums at the Grand Hotel
Photo from Grand


Metal Watering Can for the Garden

This weekend the weather was amazing and I spent a good deal of time outside working on my landscaping. I've got a long way to go, but managed to clean out a couple flower beds and plant a few perennials that I bought at the market on Saturday morning. After planting and watering, I realize that I need a larger watering can. There's a monthly antique market this weekend near my house and one vendor that's usually there specializes in vintage garden equipment, so I think I'll seek out a cool metal watering can. You have to really inspect for rust holes, but generally can find good-looking and functional watering cans for $10-$25.

This is an awesomely organized gardening cabinet
with a great vintage watering can.
Photo from Martha


Atlanta Antique one great restaurant

I'm home from Atlanta and had a great weekend visiting some of my favorite places and people. Miami Circle certainly didn't disappoint. Dearing Antiques has an amazing collection, specifically of majolica: colorful ceramics made in 19th century Britain, Europe and the USA with molded surfaces. Foxglove Antiques & Galleries is home to more than a dozen dealers and has lots of great finds. Unfortunately for me it would have been tough to fit a wing-back chair on the airplane, so I went home empty handed. For less-pricey finds, Kudzu Antiques in Decatur has lots of funky finds and good mid-century modern goods. If you're looking for a great restaurant while in Decatur, go to Watershed; everything on the menu is super yummy!

Maple theater chairs from the 1940's at Kudzu
Photo from kudzu
Photo from Fox Glove

The Watershed in Decatur, Georgia
Photo from


Atlanta and a visit to Miami Circle

Today I'm in Atlanta and heading over to The Shops of Miami Circle. Home to over a dozen antique shops, interior designers and retail customers 'in-the-know' head here for antiques, upholstery fabrics, tile, lighting and other goodies. Most shops are open Monday-Friday, 9-5pm and some have weekend hours available by appointment. I'll report on my favorites tomorrow, but if you find yourself in Atlanta be sure to check out this shopping district.

Sketch from Miami Circle


Baby Room Decor

I'm invited to a baby shower tomorrow for my dear friend, Lindsay. One of my favorite things to see at showers (besides the pregnant mom-to-be!) are the different styles for nursery decor. When my sister was decorating my nephew's room, she kept in theme with her very cool old farmhouse and incorporated several antiques. She found an old buffet in her basement that was original to the house (over 150 years old) and, after a coat of paint, moved it upstairs to re purpose as a storage cabinet. My dad sandblasted the rusted hardware back to it's original color and condition. The piece really adds character and interest, while still being super functional!

The cabinet is painted to match the trim color. 
The picture hanging is actually a vintage 'Dick & Jane' puzzle.

Photo's from The Chicer Antiquer's sister!


Antique Markets: What to bring

After profiling two large antique shows, I thought I'd share my list of 'bring along' items that I pack when attending these large markets. If you're shopping for a specific item, you may want to alter this list slightly. If you're looking for a dining room table, for example, you may want to bring several packing blankets to cushion your purchase on the ride home. But if you're shopping for china, you'll want bubble wrap/packing tissue for smaller, delicate dishes. Make sense? Here's my list:

  • Cash-check and credit cards are becoming more acceptable, but cash is still the best for negotiating
  • Tape Measure-Used to determine if furniture will fit in the space you plan to use it
  • Small, reusable grocery bags-I'm a huge fan of the Flip & Tumble bags, which fold into a tiny ball when not in use
  • Larger Tote Bag-I'm partial to the classic L.L.Bean tote
  • Bungee Cords-used to tie the car trunk closed or hold down larger items in the back of a truck
  • Old blankets/packing blankets and bubble wrap
  • Digital Camera
  • Rain Poncho-when you don't have one, you'll need it!

SHOP: Brimfield Antique Market

The week the Brimfield Antique Show descends upon Brimfield, Massachusetts for the spring market. Held three times a year since 1959, this show is home to over 5,000 dealers and in conveniently located one-hour west of Boston. Dealers and hard-core antiquers arrived on Tuesday for the start of the show, but there's still plenty to see on the weekend days. Gates open at 6am at most fields. If you go, email me your pictures and report on your findings! Enjoy!

Shoppers rush past the gates at Brimfield's opening

Brimfield is located near Springfield, Massachusetts

There are acres and acres of antiques dealers; bring a cart to carry your goods!
Photos from Brimfield and Country Living


SHOP: Scott Antique Market

If you live in or near Atlanta, Scott Antique Market is one of my favorite weekend destinations. Held once a month at the Atlanta Expo Center, Scott hosts 2,400 dealers who travel from across the country to buy and sell their vintage goods. Doors open at 9am Friday and Saturday, 10am on Sunday. The best selection is usually found on Friday and Saturday. If you're looking for a great deal, go on Sunday when dealers are motivated to negotiate a sale. Let me know if you find treasures this weekend!

Photo from Scott Antique Market


Happy Decor includes antiques

This month's House Beautiful Magazine features a Los Angeles pied-a-terre styled by the interior design firm  Massucco Warner Miller. While not everything in these photos are vintage goods, there's a great mix of old and new. The blue sofa has been reupholstered; a quality upholstery shop can refresh any piece of furniture. The funky table lamps in the bedroom are probably 1960's or early 70's; an electrician can rewire antique lamps to working order. Incorporating antiques into modern decor makes for a really happy room, no?

I love the blue sofa, it looks so comfy!

Entry table
The white-tulip lamps are super cool and interesting.
Photos from House Beautiful


Extra-Chic Bedside Tables

These photos are reason enough to use antiques when decorating: vintage Louis Vuitton luggage used as bedside tables. Divine!

The wood tray protects the suitcase leather and provides 
stability for a bedside lamp and alarm clock

Fashion designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka use
Vuitton luggage in their guest room
Photos from House Beautiful and Elle Decor


Bedroom Dresser ideas

My friend Scott emailed me last week in search of ideas for a bedroom dresser. If you live in an older home (pre-1950's), you know dressers are uber-important for storage given the traditional lack of closet space in historic dwellings. Below are some dresser styles that look great in old and new bedrooms. 

Danish Modern

Multi-functioning as a dresser and bedside table

Heywood Wakefield Sculptura dresser

Art Deco Waterfall dresser
Photos from Google, vintageindie, and Elle Decor