White Cabin and Vintage Ski Photos

This month's Country Living magazine showcases terrific examples of decorating with white. I continually find myself dreaming about white furniture and would love to have an all-white room in my house. My two black Labradors make that idea less than practical, however. But I'll continue to live vicariously through the many photos of pristine, dog hair-free, white rooms I see like the ones below. Also, if I lived in this cabin, wouldn't it be great to include a few vintage black-and-white ski photos? Lots of times these are found in antique malls among boxes of old photos; it's worth the effort to sort threw the lot to find a few treasures.

LOVE this photo! 

Great photo, check out for
other classic pictures and vintage ski wear

Skiing is still pretty glamorous, but we've lost a bit
when it comes to air travel, no?

Winter sporting good painted white; how clever!

Clean and Cozy

Great collection of white platters
Photos from, Country Living and Google

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